About Us

At an international level, we serve six key groups – these are our main focus.
• The homeless
• Asylum-seekers
• The disabled
• The elderly
• Children in need
• Victims of abuse

We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name?

Serve the City is a movement of volunteers around the world connecting with local opportunities to serve in our cities. Many people want to get involved in their community and help in some way. But, it’s hard to know where to start or if the simple things we might do would make a difference. Serve the City organizes events where volunteers can start by showing kindness in practical ways to people in need.  We believe that many people doing small things together will make a big difference.

Serve the City organizes serving events and provides ongoing serving opportunities. Volunteers sign up to serve in projects that fit their interests, abilities and time. Volunteers can participate as individuals or as a group, on a one-time basis or as a regular commitment.

We who serve the city value:

  • Hope for change
  • Belief in a better world
  • Compassion for people in need
  • Serving together
  • Openness to all

For more information contact info [at] servethecity [dot] net

Awarded the Active Citizens of Europe (ACE) for 2011

• Thousands of people serving from South Africa to Amsterdam.

• We recognize a homeless person’s need for a meal and for friendship – we have also come to recognize in them the individual abilities which allow them to demonstrate their kindness by giving something back to others in a similar situation, while giving us as volunteers an insight into their lives.

• You will rarely come across a group of people as genuine about their purpose as the Focus Group and Team Leaders from Serve the City.

• There’s a line in every city that separates the rich from the poor, the strong from the weak, and the haves from the have-nots. Cross the Line!

• The homeless, asylum-seekers, the disabled, the elderly, children in need, victims of abuse. We know them by what they need. What if we knew them by name?

• It’s a revolution; a serving revolution – and it’s going to change the world.

• Many people doing small things together do make a big difference.

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